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Auto Repair Tips!

To a lot of people, auto repair and maintenance simply means washing and polishing the car, changing the engine oil, filling the tires, putting coolant in the radiator and having broken parts fixed or repaired. All of these are important, but they are not enough to keep your car in top form. Your car is a complex machine that needs a broad range of regular repair and maintenance. Neglect any of them and its performance gradually degrades and you will soon find it guzzling gas like a horse drinking water.

Here are some some advice and tips on how to keep your car running like new:

• Reducing wear on tires and wheels: Because the tires are constantly in contact with the surface of the road, they are subjected to a lot of wear. On front-wheel cars, the front wheels wear faster than the rear wheels and the opposite is true for rear-wheel cars. You can even out the wear by frequently rotating the tires, which means changing their position. On front-wheel cars, you should move the rear wheels to the opposite side on the front and the front wheels to the same side on the rear. On rear-wheel cars, you should do the opposite. If your car has directional tires, you should move the front wheels to the rear wheel of the same side and vice versa.

• Replacing the air filter to fuel economy: A car’s engine needs a mixture of fuel and clean air to run. The air filter prevents dust, dirt and other particles from entering the engine and possibly damaging it. As your car’s air filter becomes dirtier, its performance, emission and fuel economy begin to deteriorate gradually. To keep your car engine running like new, you have to replace the air filter regularly. One way to find out if it is time for replacement is by removing it and holding it up to sunlight. If it filled with dirt, then it is time to replace it. Shaking or blowing the dirt out doesn’t work, because the filter fibers are clogged with it.

• Cleaning the fuel injector to improve engine performance: A fuel injector is a very small spay nozzle that supplies the engine with oil. With daily use, it can get clogged with a buildup of fuel varnish deposits. This can degrade the performance of your car’s engine. A clogged fuel injector can be cleaned with pressurized solvent or removing it and cleaning it.

If you are not a trained auto mechanic yourself, then auto repair and maintenance are best left to the professionals. For example, you may know how to change the tires, but when buying new tires it’s a good idea to have a wheel alignment done as well. Without adequate knowledge and proper tools, you might end up causing more harm to your car than good.

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